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Minister shot dead the driver of the car robbed

By Mohit-Uttar Pradesh Health Minister Anant Kumar Mishra, driver shot dead by some unidentified miscreants snatched a private car and became Chanpat. According to police, Mishra, Minister's private car driver in the food went to the Arya Nagar locality.

The driver was hospitalized in critical condition Haalet where his condition is out of danger specified. Is a team of doctors treating him. Efforts by blockade of the attackers are arrested.

Misra of Kanpur is home to the civil line area and the Bahujan Samaj Party leader Satish Chandra Mishra, the brother of the relationship. Mishra's family lives here. Tripathi said the minister's family members last night to get food sent to the driver Arynagr.

Minister's car to rob the news and the police machinery swung into action at night as officials sealed the city had started to search vehicles. But have not arrested anyone yet, nor has the car could be recovered. According to police sources, some of the doubt is being questioned.

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