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Put on the net to find the groom's daughter nude video

By-Mohit sexena-Beijing .. In China, the daughter of a woman to find her nude video for the groom put on the Internet. The action drama is well on her mother's. Being told that the 5 known sites have posted the video nearly 15 million people have seen so far.

Daughter says the woman in the video is shown, 'Look how grown up you and me still want to be washed back. I am for you to find a qualified partner. Tell them the ability to be kind. "

Women also says in video that looks acceptable to me a beggar-law, provided it does help you in bathing.

Then 26-year-old woman in the video says, 'Hello, I'm Lulu Jane. I do not have a boyfriend. It is not because of my ugliness. Unfortunately, no one wants me. What to do? So I need a suitable groom. "

Meanwhile, by this act of female Internet users are terribly upset. The mother told the handiwork of a shameful, so there Stende other publicity described it and that girl sure it will get some modeling contract.

People protest after the mother answered in a video that his daughter is a model and body artist. Struggle for the boyfriend is. I have all the fun and groom to give it to my daughter who does not use it later.

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hi thanks for sharing this


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