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So do not waste food

By Mohit sexena-Government marriage - marriage and other social functions of food waste is concerned and wants to take serious step to prevent it. Food and Consumer Affairs Minister. V. Thomas says that it will run awareness campaigns and law will be made if possible. Government's concern is justified.

In our country, socio - economic development Weddings glitter is also growing. Newly wealthy section of society wedding ceremonies to show their status and considers the opportunity cost is incalculable on the spot. Unfortunately, the political leadership is second to none. Usually such parties in the food waste is enormous.

Thomas says the government wastage of foodgrains in wedding ceremonies to find out a proper study is not made, it's estimated that 15 to 20 per cent of the waste. For a country like India where still a large section is a victim of starvation, it's a shame. To prevent extravagance in marriage many social and religious organizations have been initiatives on your part, but it is not seen any significant impact.

Question whether government efforts will have an effect? Well the idea of control of some kind of social functions is not new. Guest Control Order government has LA in the sixties, but in view of recent experiences with government efforts lead to no hope. Government social manners so far to control the rules - laws, their way does not follow. Loudspeaker deadline to play it to be the case or fireworks. Local authorities to implement them ever appeared not ready.

After this new law to guarantee that the same attitude towards the government Amle will not? Then by law to determine the number of guests at weddings or menu to set their personal lives interfere with efforts to see as undemocratic steps and some people can tell. If the government really wants to prevent waste of food, so he put the food first - focusing on maintenance. Due to storage in the country right system is wasting hundreds of tonnes each year.

Recently grains rot in FCI godowns are several incidents occurred which put the government arranged to open the poll. The government will take appropriate steps in this direction then it will be a positive message. In addition to the awareness campaign carried out seriously. Dowry and child marriage, ranging from stop smoking campaign to protest the ongoing Ahanei, they gradually correct itself, but has the same effect. Campaign to prevent waste of food can be the same.

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