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Cover up scandals

By Mohit-Winter session of Parliament without any deed itself is over. Another case in the history of independent India, that will not. It is equally unmatched in this session of Parliament, the ruling coalition responsible way to go waste, which obstinately 2G spectrum in terms of scandal, which indisputably the biggest scandal of independent India, the Joint Parliamentary Committee was adamant on not formed. Our constitutional system is the only Parliament which has the right to make laws. Therefore, the right to the Joint Parliamentary Committee that as part of their findings after examining the new rules - norms and laws should recommend.
Left from the start of 2008, it did draw attention to the allocation of 2 g of the state treasury, not three - have suffered from three aspects: The bidders have been new in 2008 122 new licenses in losses; double to the losses in technology licensing, and GSM operators over spectrum occupied by their legitimate share of the losses to be maintained. The damage total was 1.9 million sits crore, the CAG up some of this damage estimated at 1.76 trillion. To investigate policy issues related to the sale of spectrum now becomes even more important, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), the show cause notice that the 69 operators to fulfill their responsibilities due to start why not him license revoked go. It is bound to be fears that the huge profits they are going to sell the same way Btorkar your license, such license with him before grabbing a few players have.
In this case, (Joint Parliamentary Committee) denying the formation of JPC's own, not only in Central Government's contention that there is no need of such committee, the Parliament Loklakha Committee (PAC) to consider the report of CAG is. The fact that the definition Loklakha Committee is a committee, whose field is limited to examining the public accounts. Clearly, if all other policy issues related to the scam to be considered, only the JPC can meet this responsibility. There are some people argue that the JPC were set up before, but they have achieved nothing. Do not forget to tell that the country's financial markets at this time that the regulation - to exert control, they Harshad Mehta scam, since the stock market turns out to examine the joint parliamentary committee recommendations are based on.
In fact, to fulfill its responsibility to Parliament through the current government to prevent, on the foundation of our constitutional system is Kutarahat. The executive in our parliamentary democratic system that is accountable to Parliament and the Government Legislature Parliament itself accountable to the public. Parliament session by dragging the hand trying to avoid government accountability and the spirit of the constitutional order and its provisions is weak.
All events between the main opposition party, the BJP's role is becoming strange Vichitrtar. One hand, the party seeking the creation of JPC's Dutty, on the other side of the same party, a former president, who currently is president of Loklakha Committee, through the CAG report be made to start the investigation. The Congress ruling UPA coalition Netrtawale mirrored the attitude makes the approval. LK Advani has said that even at the beginning of the winter session of Lok Sabha Opposition leader Sushma Swaraj would have given their speeches, the BJP demands JPC did not do the same! Moreover, the BJP and Vajpayee is one of the theorists are important members of the Cabinet, Arun Shourie loud - noise from the JPC was to protest the idea.
Clearly, the BJP rule, the telecom licenses and spectrum sales of its policy changes do not want a check. Significantly, the NDA government in this regard, it precedes the sudden Palte eating certain "license fee" system by removing the "revenue sharing" arrangement was introduced. Even at the cost of huge losses in public revenue, some pet benefit large corporate companies were serious allegations. The way the issue of fighting corruption on the credibility of the BJP has put a question mark.
However, the formation of JPC through obstinately refusing to get rid of the winter session of Parliament, the Congress-led UPA government's efforts in such a horrible growing public outrage against corruption can neither hide nor on can curbed. Is therefore essential that the budget session in February before the start of the UPA government should put pressure on the public so that the government Mahahotaaloan Parliament and people of the country, be made accountable to both the front

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