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Pakistani minister's hand in killing the guard? Bhatti video released

By Mhit-Islamabad. Pakistan Minority Affairs Minister Shahbaz Bhatti murder conspiracy in the involvement of security personnel is expected to appear. Kiln were constant threats were found, which in view of their security arrangements were adequate, but at the time of killing one security guard was not with them. Furnace was suspected of their murder, he had already recorded a message, and said to his assassination after it aired. The First Step Forum Today the BBC released video.

About 12 pm Wednesday by three unidentified gunmen gunned down outside his house to the furnace and killed. Islamabad Inspector General of Police Wajid Durrani said the ministers generally are given a security squad, but the furnace to protect the two squads were deployed. But killing time with them did not exist a single security. IG said that the oven in the morning to meet his parents were murdered and there was time to leave. Responsibility for the murder Tehreek - e - Taliban and Pakistan have said that blaspheme against the law to his murder.

The manner in which attackers killed the minister, is clear to him that he knew the fact that the Minister does not exist any security. Three attackers indiscriminately firing not only at the Minister's car, but after firing two attackers tried to pull out injured Minister gate opening. 10 kiln fire began. Clearly, no longer fear the furnace fire at the attackers are Brasate. IG said that initial inquiries revealed that the furnace itself with the security personnel were instructed not to come. But the issue continues to investigate.

A few months ago the governor of Punjab province of Pakistan, Salman effect of their own had been shot dead by security forces.

Kiln knew, would kill terrorists

Shahbaz Bhatti knew that the very serious threat to his life and he video taped his speech to the British Broadcasting Corp. and Al Jazeera was given. He said that the tape be released after his murder.

The Pope also asked why was not security

The Vatican said the pope's spokesman Faiderico Lawmabardi oven to condemn the killing they have no words. He also said his life was in danger, but killing a guard while they did not exist. He appealed to the Pakistani government provided full protection to the minority Christian community.

The prime minister ordered an inquiry

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani strongly condemned the killing. The President has asked the entire incident report, the Prime Minister has ordered a probe.

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