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Thinking negative effect of the drug

By mohit sexena 
Scientists study a new patient it will not assume that the pain medication effect
The effect of preventive medications is really low.

"Science Troanjishnal Medicine" published in the study by scientists blame
Have identified a particular part of the brain. According to scientists studying the effect of the patients
Of medical care and the exploration of new drugs may have.

Studied under long-pain and without his knowledge by telling patients suffering from pain
Preventive medications were given. Many patients experience with their psychological medications not be given
In the event and medicine to ease the pain complained of pain in the case of.

According to scientists, shows that those who are ineffective on their medications for a long time
Put the negative experience affect the influence of drugs. Scientists scan the brain through
Part of the information acquired, which controls this effect.

The study team of scientists believe that this study makes the experiments prove redundant
Which are based on thorough laboratory and human psychology in mind, do not.

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