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By-mohit-Dhaka. ICC chief executive Haroon Lorgat before the World Cup co-host countries [India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh] has a special gift. The ICC announced on Friday that three teams reaching the quarter-finals match on their home grounds Akeleangeean. Also Lorgat said the World Cup will determine the future of the one-day cricket.

Twenty20 cricket is growing excitement. Lorgat said the World Cup one-day cricket tournament the largest one-day cricket and that will determine what is going on. While Lorgat said the two host countries have to face each other before the tournament, the rankings based on the team would prefer, which means that all noses India - will play out the match on its territory. Lorgat said, "I can confirm that the three hosts your nose - round out the game play on their grounds."

ICC's decision will be rescheduled due to the tournament which was decided how the country who want to host the quarter-final match, but now the group as on the host will be a change. According to preset programs Group A's top team of Group B, Mirpur from fourth team, second team of Group A to Group B, the third team from Ahmedabad, Group A Group B third team Mirpur from the second team in Group A of the fourth team in Group B to stay on top of the team was close to Colombo.

According to the new decision, India will play their quarter-final match in Ahmedabad, then any place in Group B are even. If Mahendra Singh Dhoni's team holds third place not even get her chance to play in Ahmedabad, in which case the opposing team on their last league match on March 20 until the end of their quarter-final match venue not know about will. On the other hand Sri Lanka will play their quarter-final match in Colombo on March 26 but his face is from India so it will match in Ahmedabad. Similarly, if qualified Bagladesh and Sri Lanka does not face him his quarter-final match he will play in Dhaka on March 23 or 25.

ICC's host country's rules of order in Colombo and Mohali on March 29 and 30 in the semifinal matches will be applied. Meanwhile, 2015 World Cup format Lorgat said on the issue of small low-ranking teams in the future will not be part of the game to 50 overs because it requires more skill players. Lorgat said the ICC World Cup in the 50-number of teams chose to present 14 to 10, while the World Twenty20 tournament will be the tournament of 16 teams instead of 12

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