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Sentenced to death or ...?

 By Mohit Sexena
Mumbai. Bombay High Court convicted in the Mumbai attacks, Pakistan's affairs
Militants on Monday to decide the fate of Ajmal Khan gunman.

Nine months before the Mumbai attacks, blame was sentenced to death.

Justice Ranjana Desai and Justice RV More gunman yesterday given the Akadpet
Ssunacgee decided to confirm the death sentence. Also, the Mumbai attacks
Two Indians accused of helping the lower court ruling against the acquittal
Maharashtra government on the petition will be ruled yesterday.

Fahim Ahmed Ansari and Sabauddin trial court acquitted the six-May
Off. On the same day accused gunman was.

Gunman himself had filed an appeal against conviction. Court
Yesterday it was confirmation of the death penalty hearing, in addition to the on
Will hear.

Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam gunman was sentenced to death on a legitimate
A strike by attributes that are the result of LET plot. In its appeal
Gunman argued that the police conspiracy to frame him for the crime
Chowpatty Girgav the fake encounter. He attacks during the Maharashtra ATS chief
Hemant Karkare, police officer Ashok Kamte and encounter specialist Vijay Salaskar
Also denied the murder charges.

At times the gunman video Kafrencing appeared in the High Court. Once
He spit on the camera and the judges that he gave his case
U.S. court wants Aclwana.

The court gunman and his colleagues appear to be involved in terrorist attacks
Twice seen the CCTV footage.

Amin Solkar gunman's lawyer alleged that the gunman by police to trap
Some of the CCTV footage to the press.

Solkar claimed that the terrorist attack gunman CST
Was not included by the prosecution to prove its allegations that
Photos submitted spoke, they have been changed.

Gunman said he November 26, 2008 long before settlement Express
Had come to Delhi, where he later came to Mumbai to see Hindi movies. It
Juhu Beach, was arrested during the attacks. Ch

High Court around security cordon has been very strong and
49 Karamack enter the court room to the media specifically
Have been issued.

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