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film-सात खून माफ-Killer on the screen Hasina

Producer: Ronnie Skwrawala Director: Vishal Bharadwaj Cast: Priyanka Chopra, Naseeruddin Shah, John Abraham, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Irfan Khan, Anu Kapoor, Alec Adyachenco, Vivan Shah Review: Some years ago today, a film not about the si would have thought, in which a woman again - again marries. Not here, turn - to turn the murder of her husband does.  सात खून माफ sorry Ruskin Bond film's story is based on the famous novel Shujenaj Ahsband 7. Vishal Bharadwaj film's script has the cooperation of Ruskin Bond. Ruskin had written earlier umbrella is huge for the Banjo. Originally a short story seven blood was sorry, which such a vast choice that Ruskin Bdate him further shaped the novel, then play the movie screen designed. As director Vishal Bharadwaj has exploited its full potential. As always of course the film is filmed in some dark colors, but they paint the story of the life of the characters in the show are helpful. Where he cast aside the other hand, he's got strong performances by the end of the story while retaining the mystery has amazed audiences. Story: Susan Anna Mary Johannes (Priyanka Chopra) by half a dozen marriages in search of true love, and her husbands' death occurred in se mysterious circumstances that every time the needle of suspicion rests on him to go. Susan married for the first Major Edwin Rodrigues (Neil Nitin Mukesh) from. But while squeamish and eccentric major victim of high mountain dropped morsels of wild animals has become. After Major pop singer Jimmy Steetson (John Abraham) married to Susan. After marriage, Susan learned that Jimmy drug addict and he can not live a moment without drugs. Jimmy's mansion built in a day Susan was found dead in Bgeeje.
After the death of two husbands Susan reached Srinagar in search of comfort. Where he met the poet Asiullah Khan (Irfan Khan) was. Susan found out after the wedding day, romantic poet Asiullah night is Goth. Asiullah's body found in snow a few days later suppressed. Susan came to Moscow after the Bronsqui Nikolai (Alec Adyochencoan) married. Susan Nikolai from the obligation of his love of the beauty that Susan was sure to love her. But the consequences Bronsqui Susan was the same as previous husbands. Susan was the husbands' deaths in mysterious circumstances, Inspector investigating price red (Anu Kapoor) made by the officer in front of the Susan se difficult circumstances presented to the Susan to marry him lying. Price in the red after Susan Doctor Madhusudan (Naseeruddin Shah) married, but the consequences of marriage was like his previous marriages. After the death of six husbands married Susan the seventh to atone for their happiness and.
Susan had the bad luck because every time the bad guy is married. Used to beat her during sex no no it was cheating. Because of the greed wanted to murder the other dictator could match. Susan was just a toy for someone.
Acting: the film and only Priyanka around moves. Nwyuvti 20, 65-year old woman's life from his in various colors contains something like this in the days of rain as suddenly Indra bow is visible. His seven heroes a little - for some time shown on the screen. These seven heroes are killed stake in the performance of the mutual competition Nseeruddin Shah and Irfan Khan.
Irfan Khan these days are at the peak of his acting abilities. Nasir film counted them - including actors chosen for which a comment has karan show will be like the sun. Annw Kapoor film on screen since a long time a feeling of freshness are to come after taking bath. Will have another actor who praise this film has started his film journey that Nsieruuddin s Shah Shah's son Vivan. Twenty-year-old from the young actor his first film, it has proven that his father and mother's acting legacy will carry much further.
Music: Vishal Bhardwaj's film is the music itself. Originally a musician's status in the industry they came from. His music has a freshness. Each film in this movie very Karnpriy his two tunes "Darling take four eyes" and "Becrn" is Karnpriy songs. The overall plot remains on strong support of the film its startling climax that excites the audience considerably. India's dismal performance in the cricket ground, then surely it would be awesome like that movie at the box office whose imagination might not be the Ronnie Screwvala and Vishal Bhardwaj.

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