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Was taken by 10 million pilot's license, arrest&More

Mohit sexena.New Delhi

Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to get the fake marks-sheet based on the license after the discovery of four pilots have started large-scale investigation. In the first phase of the 550 pilots of the documents being investigated, who 15 months, airline transport pilot license (Attipieel) are achieved. Other pilots will then check the license. 4 thousand pilots in the country.
DG DGCA EK Bharat Bhushan said that all pilots licensed Czech will be in phases because it linked to passenger safety issue. It will not be negligent. Some license check has been started. Lack them or suspected them to be transferred to the Crime Branch of Delhi Police. DGCA says that all pilots licensed to be examined, whether commercial pilot license or Attipieel again.

Parminder Kaur Gulati Indigo recent pilot and the pilot of Air India Jitender Verma Krishna with the help of fake marks-sheet to acquire licenses have been arrested. Questioning them to find out the crime branch to get the fake marks-sheet, he spent 10 to 12 lakh.

Crime Branch sources say that is still under investigation. The DGCA officials found no action will be taken against her. We are investigating from all angles. Also to be seen whether brokers are also active in getting the license.

Sources say that the issue of the DGCA must have some staff feel involved. While the Crime Branch DCP Ashok Chand Ssdhe words say that the investigation came out many things are coming. Pilot Verma interrogation to find out that he was licensed in 2009 from Florida Attipieel. But Indian Attipieel it was converted to a paper to make. He failed in this paper. He then planting fake marks-sheet acquired the license.

He escaped the two pilots will also be arrested soon. Former DG DGCA Kanu Gohain say that it is very serious matter. If that happens then it will break people's trust.
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North London Flying School is based at Panshanger Aerodrome in the heart of the Hertfordshire countryside yet only 20 minutes drive from North to get a pilot's license

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