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Fearing worst, countries & cos begin evacuation from Japan

By Mohit sexena-TOKYO: A monster earthquake-cum-tsunami, followed by spiraling nuclear radiation, and now, the looming threat of an exodus from Japan. France on Wednesday became the first country to sound the alarm, saying Japan was losing control of the situation at the Fukushima nuclear power plant and there was no reason for optimism. As multinational corporations readied evacuation plans and China and India began special flights to bring back nationals who wished to return, France forcefully urged its nationals in Tokyo to leave the country or head to southern Japan to escape risk of radiation.

L&T Infotech on Wednesday became the latest Indian IT company to announce it's evacuating its 185 employees and their employees. And the Indian government began facilitating the return of its nationals even as it stressed there was no need for pulling out yet. Air India will operate a daily special flight for the next four days from Tokyo to Delhi for those willing to pay for their way out. India's ambassador to Japan Alok Prasad said the 25,000-strong community was in and around Tokyo; around 30 who had been stranded in worst-hit Sendai city had been brought to Tokyo.

Foreign firms have set up evacuation plans in Tokyo and parts of northern Japan. Peugeot, the French partner of Japanese carmaker Nissan Motor, said around 230 employees had been given the opportunity to leave with their families. Rival Daimler said the evacuation of the families of 60 expat workers was being arranged.

"Let's not beat about the bush. They have visibly lost the essential of control (of the situation). That is our analysis, in any case, it's not what they are saying," French industry minister Eric Besson said on TV. Environment minister Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet backed him, saying the situation in Japan was a "catastrophe" and the latest information on Wednesday "does not lead to optimism". France, however, clarified that there was no official evacuation

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