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Blog text for theft lock

Mohit sexena - Breaking theft lock.  Similarly, reports of daily newspaper if you are about to read.  What is difficult for thieves to break any lock? No no ..  So will you leave the house lock. Thinking that what status does the thief in front of the lock.  No Yes, I know that you still Algaange lock itself.  At least not right house from thieves, Uackkoan be saved from itself.

 Last post from the blog text, I was told to steal the lock, some blogger colleagues sent me text it broke easily.  Thanks to all such peers.  I'll tell someone to break the lock I had a challenge.  And the challenge to be considered the safest websites may not.  Otherwise her work fingertips - all set.

 Lock described in the previous post on Internet Explorer was working fine, but Firefox did not apply it (the audience gave me this information, their gratitude.)  That's why I made another lock.  It is a bit stronger than the previous locks and usually working on Firefox.  I would like to clear here that the lock can not save the text of the professional thieves, but Uackkoan definitely will save your blog.  I am certainly not claiming that since it Lock you can not copy text.  I definitely believe that it holds will not be easily copied. (Hindi Blog Tips to copy the code did not feature because it is locked)

Come learn the way to install the new locks -

 (Previous post that they will appeal to colleagues to have locked the lock at work take its place because it is a bit strong.)

1. Visit my blog dashboard.

2. The lock on the blog, its go to Layout.

3. Click Add a Gadget in the sidebar.

 4. HTML / JavaScript Select option to add a blog.

5. Leave space in title and content given in the link below paste JavaScript code.

Click here for code

 Method is shown in the image -

6. Only to save on your blog will be seen this kind of lock.

Text selection Lock by Hindi Blog Tips

 In the sidebar of your blog so now it's seems your blog is safe text.

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Anonymous said...

nice post

GOPAL MANDIR on 15:20 said...

Good Site.....please

zahid memon on 19:23 said...

how can copy codes you shown on your image???
plz help

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