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Blackberry: The company reported itself to monitor the time - limit

By Mohit sexena-New Delhi. The Centre has asked RIM BlackBerry service provider company that services its enterprise security agencies to monitor how long the solution can provide. March 31 is the answer to.

Skype telecommunications ministry this question, including Google have all operators whose services are not able to monitor the security agencies are unable to. In the country, Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance Communications, Tata and MTNL, including two public companies Bsneenal and eight operators are offering the BlackBerry service.

Before the government by the end March deadline had rim. The Blackberry Enterprise monitoring service available for a period not get make it a condition of service in India too was laid off.

According to a senior official of the Ministry of the rim on the issue from the government was constantly getting new deadline. But now the company has decided to ask how long the monitor can provide a solution. Accessible solution to the given date in India on hold ministry will decide to close the BlackBerry Enterprise Service.

Meanwhile, the Telecom Ministry and National Technical Research Organisation are making together a software monitor in the coming years related to security agencies to help solve the problem. Noted that BlackBerry customers are constantly growing in the country. Figure has risen above 10 million.

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manoj jaiswal on 15:18 said...

very nice

shanu jaiswal on 13:43 said...

जानकारी के लिए साधुबाद हिंदी में भी जानकारी दे

monu on 13:51 said...

जानकारी के लिए साधुबाद हिंदी में भी जानकारी दे
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