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Not keen on running a parallel govt: Anna

Not keen on running a parallel govt: AnnaBy: Mohit Sexena : New Delhi: Slamming the government saying it is unwilling to fight corruption, Anna Hazare on Wednesday rubbished the government's fear of the civil society being a parallel government.
A day after the 9th and last Lokpal meet, representatives of civil society spoke to the media again.
Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal all spoke out against the government's draft of the Lokpal bill which they say is not enough.

Anna categorically said that he is not interested in running a parallel government and the talk about parallel government was only a delaying tactic by the UPA.
"We are not interested in a parallel government. The nexus between the bureaucracy and the politicians is more dangerous than the Pakistan threat," said Anna Hazare.
"There is nothing for the common man in the government draft. Today, the common man doesn't have any sysytem to lodge his complain," said Kiran Bedi.

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